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Unto the Lord

A few Sundays ago, we had Corinne dedicated at church. It was a fantastic day that we shared with friends and family. I absolutely love it when my family gets together. It brings back so many memories of my childhood. This day was extra special b/c Clark's family was there as well. We loved having them join us at church and then most everyone came to our place for lunch afterward. It was definitely a special day. I've also included the prayer that our pastor, Neil, prayed over Corinne during the service.

Father in heaven, thank you for the grace that you have extended to Clark and Erin in Jesus their savior and in the gift of Corinne. May Corinne at an early age come to know the saving grace of Jesus. May she be both a grace receiver and a grace giver. We pray that this grace would prove irresistible as she watches her parents continually grow in the knowledge of the grace of Jesus. In Jesus name Amen.

Sweet spot

There was a sweet spot in these last several, long days of toddlerisms - Andrew actually ate a full meal last night for dinner! It was like a tender mercy from God. He almost never eats dinner. But last night he ate all of it! It was great!

(Sorry Heather - no pics of the pork, asparagus, or carrots)

Andrew could sure use some prayers. Prayer for protection. Protection from me. I'm going to wring his little neck if he doesn't stop acting like such a two year old!

Oh wait, he is two!

Maybe you should pray for me!

Pretty girl

I decided that Corinne's hair is long enough to try putting pigtails in it - it is so cute! It is definitely my favorite way to do her hair. It is rather difficult at times though b/c she won't stay still.

I had just woken Clark up, so excuse the show of chest hair. :)

We've also recently started trying rice cereal. She's not really taking to it very well, although Andrew had a blast trying to feed her.

Finally, a new Morgan post! Sorry there hasn't been anything new lately, but we've been leading busy and not altogether interesting lives.

Something that has been happening is Andrew growing up way too fast! A few weeks ago he started asking us for a mitt. I'm not sure why he calls it a mitt and not a glove, but he does. This was a little strange b/c we are not baseball people. We don't ever watch baseball, talk about baseball, or play baseball. But he kept asking for one, so we went to Wal-Mart to search for one. We found a little t-ball glove that came with a t-ball - he was so excited! And I nearly cried right there in the middle of Wal-Mart. He cannot be big enough to wear a baseball glove! It was so sad and cute.

The other day Clark came home with all this IV tubing. He made a complex straw design that allows for Andrew, Andrew and 1 other person, or Andrew and 2 other people to drink from the same drink through the IV tubes. So we all shared a glass of orange juice. Only Clark (and maybe Joel)...

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