Cookie pizza

After we first moved (yes, I promise to post my really bad pics of the new house soon!), Andrew found my bin of cookie cutters. Since I had been monster mom for weeks due to the stress of moving, I agreed that we could make cookies. When I looked up the recipe for sugar cookies in my BHG cookbook, I saw an option called "Cookie Pizza."

While I desperately wanted to be a "good mom" to Andrew and let him make cookies, I really did not want to make a disaster in the kitchen, which would add to the disastrous state that the newly moved into house already was!

So, I talked him into making the cookie pizza by explaining that after we slathered it with frosting dyed blue (our favorite color), he and Corinne could cover it with sprinkles until their hearts were content.

Or atleast, until the sprinkles I poured into the little bowls ran out.

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