The End

or the beginning!

In June, Clark graduated from residency! It was so great, and also a little surreal, to know that he was finally done.
Now that we've been living post-residency for two months, it has been so nice! I wish I could articulate better how life has changed, but suffice it to say that life has definitely changed. It's like a weight has been lifted. Clark is enjoying his new job, and we are enjoying having him home more and working more regular hours.

Summer Fun!

Summer is officially over now, but here's a quick recap of some of our summer fun:

watching the planes take off at DFW

baby shower with my best friends from high school

my sister and mom at my cousin's awesome wedding

seeing old family friends, the Shorey's, who I babysat for in high school

a trip to our favorite place - Gruene!

On that very humid morning of July 3rd, we set out to watch the Lake Highlands Parade here in Dallas. It was tons of fun, with Andrew racing into the street every chance he got to grab some candy and Corinne observing it all quietly from her Daddy's side.

It was a great morning that turned into a great day with lots of friends and festivities! I'm glad I could enjoy it since I am a mere 7 weeks from D-Day!

Yummy Cake

Awhile back, I made this delicious cake by Giada from the Food Network. It was very easy, and super light!

At first, I wasn't sure I would add the mint like she does. However, we randomly have mint growing in our backyard, so I thought I would try it. Turns out, the girl knows what she's doing! I love this cake!

I did change the Lemon Syrup she makes to add on top. Instead, I made some powdered sugar icing that I added lemon zest and lemon juice to - it was so good! I highly recommend making this cake! I bet it's great for breakfast, not that I would know...

It's been a long time since I posted anything crafty, and I'm excited to share this redo! It brought me so much happiness to change this chair and recycle it instead of giving it away!

When I was still teaching, my mom bought this great chair at a thrift store (I think) to use in my classroom. She gave it to my dad so he could refinish it for me and make it look nice. He, however, used his creative license and made it look like a throne.

Really, it was fun to have in a classroom full of first graders, and they loved being rewarded with a chance to sit and read in Mrs. Morgan's chair.

I've been hanging onto this chair for six years now because I loved its lines, but I've never had the inspiration to redo it. Well, the Great Garage Clean-Out of 2010 quickly put my rear in gear!

I love the way it looks now! I scraped all the little rhinestones off, primed it with white paint, then painted it a soft creamy color. I had some great greenish-blue fabric with a little bit of texture to it leftover from some project that was perfect for the seat cushion. The color isn't really coming through in the pictures, but it is lovely!

Now I have a quiet spot in my bedroom to sit and read, or nurse the baby when she comes! So fun!

If you know Clark or me very well, you know we've never had a clean garage. We don't handle our "stuff" well and are slow to organize.

But about a month ago, I decided that if I was going to survive this pregnant summer, I was really going to need to park my car in the garage to avoid the oppressively hot car.

To say Clark was excited and willing to make this happen would be an understatement! He has wanted to be able to park the car in the garage for years. When we moved last August, I think he had high hopes that we would get rid of enough stuff that it would be possible.

Clearly, he forgot who he was married to.

People, I am proud to say that a few weeks ago, we made Clark's dreams comes true! I present to you an organized garage with space for one CR-V:

Notice the giddy smile across his face? He is so happy!

I got this idea from another blog I read (, and knew the kids would love it. We melted some of those colored candy melts you can buy at Joann's or Hobby Lobby. Then I blew up a few water balloons we had (thanks Mimi!) and dipped them in the melted coating. After sitting in the freezer during dinner, they were ready to use!

Of course, Corinne wanted to use the purple candies.

I found that dipping them twice, the second time after they had set up a little bit, helped to hold the bowl together after we popped the balloon.

It was a yummy dessert!

In an effort to keep Corinne busy one day, I gave her a bowl of cheerios and a string. I told her to make a necklace that she could eat.

She seemed interested and excited to make something she could both wear and nibble on, but her attention to it fizzled out pretty quick.

I finished the necklace but she wouldn't even wear it. Oh well!

Fun with Food

A few weeks ago the kids and I decided to have some fun with our food. I sliced up a watermelon in thin slices and got out the cookie cutters.

I let Andrew and Corinne decide on a few shapes and gave them each several pieces of watermelon to cut out of - they loved it!

Corinne couldn't wait to start eating, even if she hadn't cut out her shape yet!

I'm sorry that his knees, shins, and feet are so dirty this morning. Here's the thing -he's a boy and he's taken to playing in the backyard. Then last night he played on the playground at church. We didn't get home until late, no one took a bath, and I didn't get a good look at his legs until he was already dressed this morning.

Please accept and love him as he is, dirty legs and all, because he is my joy! He is sweet, compassionate, thoughtful, and sharp. He will do whatever you ask and desires to please you, because you are his teacher and he adores you.

I promise tonight, I will scrub his long and lanky little boy legs and knees, and wash his toes until they are clean. I'm sure he'll stay nice and shiny until tomorrow morning when he hits the backyard again!

*this not an angry post towards Andrew's teachers - they are wonderful and sweet and did not say anything to me about his dirty legs at school this morning. :)

the Nasher

Our good friends invited to the Nasher Sculpture Center on Easter weekend - they have free admission on the first Saturday of each month, along with kids activities.

It was a beautiful day! We especially had fun talking with Andrew about what sculptures are and how they were all so different.

Here are a few pics:

These photos are not in the order I wanted them in, but it is a glimpse of our Easter regardless. Enjoy!

smooches from Daddy

eating their candy while the big kids hunt eggs

Baby girl is growing!

the big kids right before their hunt

Corinne would not change out of her dress-up dress - oh well!


I am so excited about the new Liberty of London line that hits Target stores tomorrow!

After reading so many fabric blogs for so long, I've often drooled over this fun company's high quality (and expensive!) fabrics. So, needless to say, I am super excited for the chance to buy some goods from Target with their designs. Yea!

I finally loaded more pictures from our record snow fall, and these look much clearer because there was no snow falling. I know you all want to see more pictures of my children in the snow, so here you go:

Clark brought home surgical boots from the hospital for he and Andrew to wear over their shoes to keep the wet out. Funny looking, but it worked like a charm!

When I saw all the snow that fell last week, I was so excited by the thought of making snow ice cream! I can remember my mom doing it once for us as kids when there was a big snow.

As soon as I said the words "ice cream," Corinne and Andrew were also excited. :)

We gathered the snow, mixed in the milk, sugar, and vanilla, then added some green food coloring for fun:

I think it was a hit!


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