Recent pics

Here is a compilation of the recent pictures we had done of the kids. I think they turned out so cute and we had such a hard time choosing the ones we wanted to buy! Enjoy!

This clip shows where they ask the kids what kind of tree they want to be, then she "chops" their stomach, and they fall into the water - "timber!" It's cute.

This is where they take the kids on their backs and swim through a hula hoop in the water.

Andrew finished two weeks of swim lessons last Friday, and the parents got to sit in and watch. He took lessons from S&A Swimming which is a lady and her adult daughter. They have been teaching lessons in Irving for over 15 years. Jean is a retired teacher and her daughter is a child pyschologist. There are also grandchildren "helpers" in the pool with them. Clark was fascinated by the fact that this is just their backyard pool. But it was great!

Even though Andrew looks totally scared and incapable of actually swimming in these clips, he has come so far! This past weekend we went to NRH2O both Saturday and Sunday (Happy Father's Day Clark!), and Andrew was amazing! He was literally swimming by himself in the little pool. In the "lazy river" he wore a lifejacket and didn't even want us to hold him. He just "swam" on his own with the current.

It's very exciting to me b/c I love swimming and the water so much. Yea! Go Andrew!

I've slowly started sewing again, and I'm really enjoying it. I copied this first thing from something a friend made. I think it's called a Taggie. It's like a small square, about 8 by 8, with ribbon tags coming out everywhere for a baby to chew on. Corinne would have loved one of these - she was always chewing on the tags of her toys. I made it for a good friend from high school who is having his first baby around July 4th.

sorry about the washed out pic - my flash was acting up

Then my mom asked me to make her a diaper bag/tote bag for a baby shower. This is actually the fabric I bought to make Corinne's new bag. This one is different from ones I normally make because it has one handle instead of two and that cute button closure.

We love summer! These pics are from the couple of times we've been to NRH2O already this season. My mom bought us season passes for Christmas and we're enjoying them.

Corinne has actually been sick for a couple of weeks now, off and on. If you think of her, say a prayer! She has a horrible cough that has necessitated breathing treatments several times a day and an ear infection. Poor girl! We're ready for our happy whirlwind to come back to us!

So, I know Mother's Day was a long time ago now, but I wanted to post some pics from the day - it was special to have my sisters, mother, grandmother, and all the children gathered together to just be together.

all of us in my mom's backyard

And it's totally official - Corinne lurves animals! We were at the dollar store getting favors for Andrew's end of the year party, and she started squealing with delight when she saw this:

Andrew named him Zang Zang when we got home (what?!).

Then yesterday there was a dog on Good Morning America, and she started squealing and pointing and gyrating - it was so funny. Right after that segment there was a commercial with a man on a horse, and it was the same thing.

Andrew is definitely into music, we've known this from an early point in his life. Now we finally know what Corinne's love is.

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