"Whatever is right, whatever is good, whatever is fabulous... He cares for you."
1 Peter 5:7


What a day! The weather that morning was rainy and cool, so there was no chance of any outside pictures. There also was no chance of an outdoor egg hunt, so my family came over to our house and did the hunt inside instead.

We had a really nice day enjoying church and each other.
The Lord has risen. He has risen indeed!

I've wanted to post all week about this coming weekend and what it represents for me.


I had hoped to gather my thoughts into a coherent post about the meaning of Christ's life, his violent death, and then His glorious, impossible resurrection.

But even as I typed that sentence I've had to get off the computer twice for something Andrew needs. This is my life right now - pulled every which way, outside of myself, no time for coherent thoughts to form...

But there is such great hope. The hope that naptime will be quiet, that bedtime will come soon, that residency will be over, that Christ will come again.

I hope that this weekend you'll let Easter give you hope.

And since I couldn't form an eloquent post, here's one from someone so much better equipped to do it.

Happy Easter!

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