I'm having a hard time finding a way to wrap up 2009 on the old blog here. I'm not very good at remembering, but how about a list? Here goes...

: my babies got older, turning 2 and 4. They amaze me each day.

: Clark became even more of an excellent anesthesiologist!

: God protected our family be preventing Clark from both the chief resident position and the cardio-thoracic fellowship.

: we decided to move out of Irving, and my dad's house, and finally be closer to church and friends

: Clark's brother and his super-girlfriend became very important people in our lives

: I learned about Jesus in a more powerful way through our pastor teaching through the book of Mark all year

: we kept emphatically telling people we were not having more children and we are happy with our little family

: looking into private school for kindergarten became a huge stress!

: God brought us closer to Him and each other

I know a lot more happened, but there is just a taste.

2010 is going to bring some changes for us - big time! Clark is finally done with residency in June! He is interviewing now for jobs in the Dallas area, and we are hopeful that we can make a decision soon about where he will work.

Andrew is going to start kindergarten! Oh my word, this is going to be so huge for us and him. I feel like a real mom, and adult, now. Ha!

The biggest change I can only share in picture format:

Yeah, remember all that "emphatically telling people we weren't having any more children"??? God had other plans.

We are very excited! In August, we'll be welcoming a new baby into this little family. We can't wait!

We hope and pray each of you has a blessed 2010! Thanks for reading my blog!

This morning as I was getting the kids dressed, they both managed to make their opinions known. Corinne has been doing this for a long time, but Andrew surprises us every once in awhile when it comes to his clothes.

I was handing him his shirt to put on, and he said, "No! Not that shirt! I wanna wear a cool shirt. That shirt isn't cool."

Well, excuse me.

Then after Corinne had picked out what she wanted to wear and I had gotten her dressed, she ran out of the room yelling, "Andrew, look at me! I look pretty!"

Yes, sweetheart, you look very, very pretty.

*I sincerely apologize for the glaring white walls - the woes of renting!

Here's another wreath I made recently from a different online tutorial. I have it hanging right inside my front door above my great-grandmother's Singer sewing machine.

The wreath is made by hotglueing (sp?) pages from a book to a ten inch wreath form. It was a little time consuming, but nothing I couldn't do while watching a little tv.

I decided to make this wreath my own by using pages from a hynmal instead of any old paperback. I bought the wreath form from the dollar store and the hynmal from Half Price Books.
I also used the wreath as my centerpiece for my table at our Women's Christmas Luncheon.

This year we actually put our tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving, and the kids loved it! They put almost all of the ornaments on the tree by themselves.

You can see where most of the ornaments ended up:
Also, a long time ago, Clark's mom gave us two stockings for Bubba and Hoss, our sweet dogs. Bubba and Hoss are both gone now, so this year I hung those stockings on the tree.

Of course, later on I redistributed the ornaments, but Corinne and Andrew weren't done with their decorating!

But last week I got to meet The Pioneer Woman!!! If you don't know who she is, you have to go check out her website. After you're done reading this post, of course.

Ree Drummond started her blog a few years ago, and has become a blogging celebrity. Her website has five different blogs ranging from her life on a cattle ranch to cooking to photography. Recently, she wrote a cookbook that is now a New York Times Bestseller.

So last Tuesday, she was coming to Dallas to sign her cookbooks, and a couple of friends and I wanted to go meet her because we love her recipes. It was an adventurous day because we had to be at the bookstore when it opened that morning to get a colored wristband to reserve a spot in line for that night. Confused yet? In retrospect, I am so glad we did this because, although we were in the first color group, we still had to wait an hour and a half to meet her. She ended up signing books until 2:30am!

Once we had a wristbands, we didn't have to show up until that night before it started. What a relief!

Finally, the Pioneer Woman herself came out, said a few words, and then got down to business signing all those cookbooks.

I am so glad I had friends there with me to talk to and eat with after we were done. It was such a fun night!
Erin, Carrie, Pamela, and me

waiting in line

The Borders employee who took our picture managed to completely leave Pamela out, but otherwise I think its a good picture.

And, we spent all of ten seconds talking to her, but they were so worth it to have my cookbook autographed. :)

Believe it or not, I've never had a Christmas wreath to hang on my front door.

This year I saw a very easy tutorial online for a wreath made out of ornaments. Using a wire hanger we already had and a few tubes of dollar store ornaments, voila! My own wreath that the kids helped me make. It's not perfect, but it adds some festivity to our front door.

Click here to find the tutorial.


Now that we're snapping away with our new camera, we've caught some pretty funny pictures of faces. I couldn't resist posting a few of them.

I finally got Andrew to look at me when I told him the camera had turned blue.

This was a post-yogurt photo session shot.

Clark told him to pretend he was a giant.

My niece, Clara, on the trampoline at Thanksgiving.


What a surprise to wake up to snow flurries yesterday! We got all bundled up and went to check it out. Well, I stayed on the porch to keep the camera safe. The kids were really excited, and it was so pretty while it lasted.

Of course, we had to have hot cocoa once we were done. Corinne just wanted to eat her marshmallows.

...but a new camera will make a girl do crazy things.

Like take a bazillion pictures of her beautiful daughter eating yogurt.

Then share them with the internet.


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