Some of you may remember a previous post about Andrew with this same title. At the end of it, I jokingly stated that we would be "praying the prayer of salvation" with Andrew in no time. This was especially silly in light of the fact that for months we had been struggling with him rather vehemently resisting any prayer or Bible reading.

Well, the Friday before Thanksgiving, I had the honor of praying with my son to receive salvation! Y'all, it was so sweet and amazing! I teared up and my heart nearly burst with the excitement and sweetness of the moment.

When we finished, I was talking about how exciting it was that Jesus lives in Andrew's heart now and has forgiven his sins. And Andrew yelled, "Yea! We get to go to heaven!"

Of course, the gift of salvation through the sacrifice and grace of Jesus' death and resurrection is not fully understood by a two year old, but how awesome that his heart is being led and opened by the Holy Spirit to the stirrings of the Lord. I have been in prayer for Andrew b/c of the resistance he showed to God, and God heard those prayers! Exciting!

On another note - Clark thinks Boston accents are really funny. So sometimes he jokingly says things with an accent. Well, now Andrew will only say, "cah" instead of "car." And tonight he said "pahk" instead of "park." Ridiculous.

And, last night at the library, Andrew leaned up to the speaker on the self-checkout machine and ordered a Sprite.

Okay, okay, okay - I'm not the most punctual. And for those tens of you who have been waiting for this post, its sort of lame.


I love food! I could watch The Food Network obsessively if it weren't for Emeril. I do not enjoy his shows. Oh, and Ace of Cakes is kind of obnoxious, too. Unwrapped is another one that I dislike...

The point is, I'm a foodie and long for the day I have a larger kitchen with nicer appliances and (crossing my fingers) a KitchenAid mixer. I will be whipping up food so delectable that Food Network will want me to have the next hit show (in my dreams!)

Well, last night I attended a Christmas dinner with my mom and sisters and aunts, and we had these cheddar jalapeno mashed potatoes - YUM! I'm going to try and make them tonight with our porkchops - it can't be that hard to add cheddar cheese and a diced jalapeno to mashed potatoes, can it?

My mouth is salivating at the thought of them...

Which brings me back to FOOD! I love it!

"Oh give thanks to the Lord"
~I Chron 16:8
How could I not write a Monday Musing the Monday before Thanksgiving about giving thanks? Before I go into all the cheesy things I'm thankful for, let me just share some self-reflecting I've done. Here's a confession:
I am not a grateful person.
Sometimes I have a hard time giving thanks. I guess I feel I deserve certain things or maybe I just don't take the time to thank the giver. Isn't this horrible for a person whose love language is gifts??? How can I not be grateful?!
Humbleness is the key issue here, I think. Humility would mean that I would put others before me and put them higher than me. That I would realize that I don't deserve anything, and would therefore be grateful for all that I have and receive.
So, thank you, God, for...
Jesus, Clark, Andrew, Corinne, parents (of all forms), sister #1 and #2, step-bro and fam, in-laws, bro-in-law, family, friends, a house, cars, Hoss, nature, swimming, books, the beach, chocolate, wine, food!... and the list goes on...

Here are a few pics of life in general around here:

Andrew's Pumpkin Party at Mother's Day Out

A pretty good shot of Corinne's lower teeth - there are four more on top


We no longer have an infant carrier - Corinne is in a big girl carseat

Monday Musing

So, I don't know if anyone noticed that I didn't muse last week, but I didn't.

And today there isn't anything deep that I've worked through enough in my mind to coherently muse about either. Things like how do I reconcile my belief that God is in control of all things, but that there is still sin and free will affecting life as well... or how all of you feel about the persecution of Christians that goes on all over the world and we have it so easy here in America to believe in God... or that praying and reading my Bible are much more like working out than I ever understood before - they require me to be disciplined and do it whether I feel like it or not...

So, today I'm musing about the fact that it is supposed to be, like, 82 degrees and tomorrow 84 degrees! Isn't it November??? Gosh! (said in my most Napoleon Dynamite like voice)

Finally I'm posting pictures of the kids on Halloween. We went the our church for the Fall Fun Fest, where Andrew played games and we met up with our friends for food and general craziness.

King Andrew the Stubborn

Queen Corinne the Radiant (her costume that I made was already falling apart)

the gang of toddlers

the afro wig made another appearance

Trout Fishing

Its not just for retired men anymore.

Trout Fishing in America is a band, made up of Keith Grimwood (5ft 5in) and Ezra Idlet (6ft 9in). We were introduced to Trout Fishing in June by Clark's dad and stepmom at a concert in the Arboretum.

Since that time, Andrew has become obsessed! We basically confiscated Pops and Caro's cd's and listened to them over and over and over again in the car.

Then, they bought Andrew a DVD of Trout Fishing and we have watched it over and over and over again at home.

The best part is that Clark and I really enjoy their music, too. They are really talented and write funny, family-friendly music.

But my favorite thing about them so far is that Andrew has stopped playing drums and only wants to play the upright bass. While Keith plays a real upright bass, Andrew plays either the Swiffer or Clark's guitar. Nice.

Their music has become the soundtrack of our lives.

Check them out:

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