Last Saturday, Corinne turned one! Crazy!

It really hit me that day how far we've come since she was born. Last year was a rough year with Clark starting residency and us having another baby. But Corinne is so fun and we enjoy her so much we're nearly bursting with all the love.

I wanted to make her a tutu for her party and I was frantically sewing the ribbon tie to it that morning, but she wore it and it looked cute. As my mom said, she was the "cat's meow!" I also made cupcakes and was also frantically icing them that morning. But I enjoy baking so it was fun. Plus, that gave my m-in-law and sis-in-law a chance to eat the icing straight from the mixing bowl!

Corinne was not so sure about her cupcake and kind of gave a shiver every time she ate the icing. She destroyed it, then decided she was done with that. I've learned she's definitely more of a savory kind of girl.

Corinne, you are so unique and fun! A precious gift from God that brings smiles and laughter from anyone near you. We can't wait to see your personality come out even more this next year!

On our way home from Wimberley, we stopped in Austin for two specific reasons. The first reason is because of a little show on Food Network called "Throwdown with Bobby Flay."

The premise of this show (for all you suckers out there who don't watch food network) is that Bobby Flay challenges people who make the best of something to a throwdown. On one particular episode, he goes to Austin to challenge two women who make crepes from a place called Flip Happy Crepes. When I watched it, I tucked it in the back of my mind for some occasion where we might be in Austin.

I've never had crepes before, but I wanted to try this place out if it was on Throwdown. So, I got vague directions and Clark and I exited I-35N on a mission. We drove around for awhile before getting close to where the "restaurant" is supposed to be. Clark started questioning me on what it looked like, so I told him its not exactly a restaurant...

That's right! It's an Airstream RV! With TV trays and folding chairs out front! It was awesome! So worth the driving around Austin to find. We got one savory crepe (with roasted chicken, caramelized onions, and goat cheese) and one sweet crepe (with vanilla pastry cream and fresh berries with a berry sauce). Yuummmmm...

Oh, the second reason we stopped in Austin was to find Mandola's Italian Market. One of the owners of Carabba's opened this restaurant/grocery of Italian goods. We thought it would be cooler than it actually was, though. We just got some gelato and went on our merry way back to I-35N.

Last week, Clark and I were able to go away together for two nights to Wimberley, TX. Can I just say, oh my word! We needed to get away together so badly. We haven't gone on a trip, just the two of us, since before Andrew was born. Yikes!

We had such a blast, too. Clark's mom (thank you Grammy!) did a phenomal job watching the kids, and didn't even complain or ask us to come home when Andrew spiked a fever and threw up midway through our trip.

We stayed in a little "guest house" of a big house you can rent, and it was so great. La Casita is part of La Casa Escondida and is situated way up in a hill (you know, the hill country and all) and has a neat view, probably prettier in the spring or fall.

Anyways, we enjoyed getting to have complete conversations without being interrupted, laughing together, getting to sit and read for extended periods of time, a hot tub, doing things on our own schedule, and holding hands instead of babies. It was great!

this is at the bottom of Prayer Mountain

halfway up...

218 steps to the top...I'm a champ!

Andrew is potty trained!

seeing the Doodlebops in concert with Grammy

In order to fully tell the story of potty training Andrew, let me do it in the form of a timeline:

  • This past fall, I started leaving Andrew with no diaper or underwear or pants on inside the house so he would be forced to use the potty. It went okay, except for pooping. Most of you know he has a problem holding his poop, so we knew this would be an issue for us. I wasn't being very consistent and he wasn't very interested.

  • Christmas-time, we're still being somewhat inconsistent with potty training and he's pretty opposed to it. I tried putting him in big boy underwear, but he would pee with them on. But, I'm not really concerned about it because he's not three yet.

  • January, we decide to be more consistent and he's excited about getting a peppermint patty (Mimi and Papa's doing) whenever he pees. We decide a little ice cream is a good treat for pooping b/c he has so many issues with it. Some days Andrew is into using the potty, some days he isn't. We just leave the potty in the living room for him to use when he needs to and wants to. I have still not put him in big boy underwear.

  • February, he's doing really well using the potty and is starting to poop in it, too. I decide that I'm just going to have to make the change to big boy underwear and deal with the accidents. So, I'm motivated and ready to do it. Andrew says he wants to wear big boy underwear and decides to do it the night we go out to eat with Clark's mom and grandmother. He does not have an accident, but also will not use the toilet at Chili's. I send him to school the next day with two changes of pants plus a diaper, but he doesn't have an accident until right before I pick him up. The next day he has a few accidents, but mostly its our fault for not taking him to the potty enough and for being away from home so much. After that, he's not had any accidents. Then, last week Clark and I went out of town for a few days and he continued doing great. Clark's mom got him to pee on the big toilet standing up finally, too.

So, I'm officially saying that Andrew is potty trained! It happened so much faster and easier than I thought it would in the end. Yesterday it really hit me b/c he got up and peed in the toilet several times on his own with no help from me and didn't get any rewards for it. Yea!

Pooping is still an issue, but it's getting better.

Now since we're not buying as many diapers, please, Clark, can I spend more money at Target now?

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