I finally loaded more pictures from our record snow fall, and these look much clearer because there was no snow falling. I know you all want to see more pictures of my children in the snow, so here you go:

Clark brought home surgical boots from the hospital for he and Andrew to wear over their shoes to keep the wet out. Funny looking, but it worked like a charm!

When I saw all the snow that fell last week, I was so excited by the thought of making snow ice cream! I can remember my mom doing it once for us as kids when there was a big snow.

As soon as I said the words "ice cream," Corinne and Andrew were also excited. :)

We gathered the snow, mixed in the milk, sugar, and vanilla, then added some green food coloring for fun:

I think it was a hit!


The first part of pregnancy, with my particular case, always causes me distress. Not only is it extremely tiring, but I just get so darn sick.

With Andrew we realized I get something called hyperemesis gravidarum, which means extreme nausea and vomiting. With both previous pregnancies, I had a pump that constantly kept me on Zofran, a strong anti-nausea medicine, to try and keep the nausea down and my ability to eat and drink up. I was also hospitalized with both for a couple days to receive iv fluids.

Well, this time around, after Clark gave me several iv's at home, we decided with my doctor to put a PICC line in me. (I actually got a PICC line while pregnant with Corinne, but an 18 month old Andrew pulled it out. That's a really funny story, by the way.) The way I explain it is that a PICC line is a more permanent iv because it is a long tube that is inserted in my bicep area that goes through a vein in my chest almost to my heart. It can stay in for months at a time. This allows me to get iv fluids every day, which is what Clark and I try to do to keep me hydrated. I am also taking Zofran pills to help with the nausea.

That long-winded explanation was just so I could give you a list of the foods I never want to eat again, either because I've already eaten it too many times or because it made me sick:

-chewy granola bars
-crunchy granola bars
-turkey and cheese sandwiches
-toast with a little jelly
-a drink with some protein powder mixed in
-vanilla or chocolate Ensure
-chicken noodle soup (no offense to the amazing friends who brought this to me, I've just had enough)
-graham crackers
-tater tots
-possibly baked potatoes (though I doubt it b/c I like those too much)
-White Grape Juice

I'm at the point I always get to where I feel like I am never going to feel normal again. Its hard being this sick for so long - it seems like it will never go away, that my energy will never go back up, and that I'll never want to or be able to eat normally again.

However, I know that better days are ahead. I am twelve and half weeks along, and history for me shows that this should ease up in the next few weeks. Which is good, because I miss my life. I miss interacting with my kids the way I should, and I miss interacting with my husband the way I should.

I cannot end this post in such a Debbie-downer fashion. I would be remiss if I did not share how much our family has been blessed these past six weeks or so. Our awesome friends set up and practically filled a meal calendar for us, so two nights a week we don't have to worry about dinner. Usually whatever they bring carries us for more than one night, and it has all been so yummy. They have also taken my kids for me, or come over and helped me with them.

Also, I know many people are praying for us, which I could never express how I have been so encouraged by this. This is the first pregnancy that I have not gone into a depression from all the sickness. And Clark and I have had more grace towards each other than in the past as well.

Also, our families have been a tremendous help! My mom has come over on every weekend that Clark is working. Clark's mom has come over on a moment's notice during the week if I feel bad. And Clark's brother Brent along with his girlfriend Audrey came over every weeknight that Clark was on call during the month of January!

We are so blessed, and I have no reason to complain. In a short time, another little baby will be here to bless our family, and for that, and all the reasons listed above, we are so thankful.

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