Easter fun

This was the first year we really did anything for Easter, besides my family Easter egg hunt. I'm not sure why we didn't really do anything last year... Anyways, Clark was gone (due to being on call) Easter Sunday, so thankfully my mom and step-dad joined me at church to help with the kids. It was great having them there and celebrating the Resurrection.

So, Saturday evening while Clark was home we died eggs and made Easter story cookies.

Andrew felt he needed to wear his fireman's hat

I turned these into egg salad this morning... yum

Sunday morning after eating breakfast, Andrew hunted eggs in our living room. He was so excited! I had already left him an Easter basket with some goodies, but hunting the eggs was way more exciting.

Since I was by myself Sunday morning leaving for church (my parents met us there), I couldn't get a really good shot of the kids in their Easter clothes. Corinne wouldn't stand still next to Andrew so I tried to get her sitting in his lap.

The rest of our day consisted of eating lunch with my parents after church at Pei Wei, taking the kids home to nap, then hanging out until bedtime. Due to my little sister's wedding the weekend before Easter, my mom opted to rest this weekend and not do a family egg hunt. So Easter was pretty low-key around here!

I don't know about y'all and your households, but we're pining for the spring here in the Morgan household. The weather has been so nice lately, and I've learned that Corinne loves being outside. Andrew would rather stay inside and watch Backyardigans than be a backyardigan.

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