(to the tune of Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff's hit song)

I feel the need to blog a little about Andrew because I've been posting so much about Corinne. I have been determined to make this a fun summer for Andrew b/c we missed out on so much last summer due to being so ill with pregnancy. For this reason we are also sort of postponing potty training - who wants to stay home on a toilet all morning long when you can be out swimming or playing with friends?! Psh!

We started the summer by going to the Petting Zoo that Irving has had since I was a little girl. Grammy (Clark's mom) met us there and they had a lot of fun looking at the animals together.
The next fun thing we did was go toNRH2O in North Richland Hills. It was so fun and Andrew loved it! My mom is now and employee for the city of NRH, so we are getting summer passes to the waterpark.
Andrew and I also took swim lessons for 2 weeks through the city of Irving. He had so much fun and really took to the water, which made me glad because I swam competitively growing up and even in college for a year. Now, he doesn't "know how" to swim yet, but he is comfortable with the water and loves to go under and "crawl" along the wall of the pool. I have no pictures of swim lessons because I had to get in the water with him!
Andrew is also having lots of fun time playing with his friends this summer. He especially loves Quade, which he tells me almost everytime he sees pictures of Quade or after we've been with Quade and "Feather," his mommy (Heather).
We went to the Dallas Zoo with some good friends, which was fun because Andrew got to walk around outside of the stroller. He did so good staying with us and doing what I asked him to do. A unique day in our lives. The kiddos loved splashing in the water area! This was the closest we got to a group shot.
We also went as a family to a concert at the Dallas Arboretum. We met Pops and Caro there to see one of their favorite groups - Trout Fishing in America. Its two men, one extremely short and one extremely tall, who play fun family music. We had a great time and Andrew had fun drumming along. The Broyles family was there with some friends from Northwest and actually found us in the crowd. So they sat close by.

Andrew has also been spending a lot of time with my niece Ashley, who is only 6 months older than Andrew. They really are getting along so well and crack us all up. Ashley finally has somebody she can boss around since she is the youngest in her family. They're wearing OR hats that Clark brought home from the hospital.

BONUS: at the concert at the Arboretum, a celebrity came and sat right in front of us with his family. If you watch Channel 8, you will recognize news anchor Jeff Brady in the picture below. I am an avid Channel 8 watcher and a very loyal viewer at that. It was very exciting for me that his family was sitting, literally, right in front of us!! I pretended to take a picture of Clark and Andrew playing in the distance, but I really getting a shot of Jeff Brady!!

I always joke about Corinne having thunder thighs because she truly is very healthy - 14 lbs 8 oz at 2 months! Anyways, she has become quite a wiggle worm. She rolled over a few weeks ago - at 3 1/2 months. I checked in the calendar I kept on Andrew's first year and he didn't roll over until a week before he turned 6 months. Well, a few days ago she proved to me that her thunder thighs are getting quite a workout! The picture below is one I staged to show you how I put her in her crib for a nap.

This next picture is how I found her when I realized she was awake from her nap!! Time to remove the bumper pads!

I had to put this picture in because she makes such funny faces!

Like I said, she has already rolled over from her back to stomach. She prefers to be on her tummy most of the time. So she and I were reading a magazine together.

Here she is stealing kisses from Quade! Or was it the other way around... Quade is an older man... What is Bruce teaching him???

While Andrew gives us so much to laugh about, Corinne is truly her own personality. I have a feeling we are in for it!

Our Father's Day was actually a "Father's Weekend." We spent Friday night and Saturday in Kemp with Clark's dad and stepmom. We intended to swim most of the weekend. Actually, Andrew did swim if you notice how wet he is in the previous picture. Because of all the rain, a small river formed around their back patio. Andrew and Caro (Carolyn - Clark's stepmom) finally gave up on staying dry and decided to play in the rain. Everybody got in, except Pops and Corinne. They ended up napping on the back porch.

On Sunday, we went to church, napped, then had an early dinner with our great friends - Bruce, Heather, and Quade. I think it was a great day for Clark: a little God, a little sleep, a little food, a little family and friends.

Last night we did Father's day for my dad. My older sister and her family (which have just been added to the world of blogging - check out the O'Briant Clan on my blogroll), my little sister (Lindy Land on my blogroll), and my dad came over to cook out. It was a lot of relaxing fun.

After weeks of turmoil in our house, all is right again. After a trip to Clark's dad's house this weekend, we no longer have a crisis on our hands. If you recall from my May post, there has been none of Papaw's jelly in our fridge. I gave Pops two ways to fix the problem, and he came through in a big way!

We now have six jars of jelly in our fridge and I have a Kemp t-shirt! We owe a big thanks to:

  • Papaw - for giving away so many coveted jars of jelly to us. Thanks Papaw!
  • Pops - for also giving away so many coveted jars of jelly to us and for getting the Kemp t-shirt.
  • Caro - for making Pops give away so many coveted jars of jelly.
  • Bama and Smuckers - for making do in the middle of the crisis.

Go Yellowjackets!

Saturday morning, I was blowing bubbles for Andrew and he was running through them. Corinne was happily watching from her bouncy seat and enjoying Andrew's entertainment. Well, eventually I stopped and she got all fussy. I started blowing bubbles again for Andrew and she calmed down and continued watching. Then I stopped again and she fussed again. I did this two more times to test my theory of the cause for fussiness. Sure enough, she was fussing b/c she wanted me to keep blowing bubbles.

Is this a sign of things to come???



You are mild-mannered, good, strong and you love to help others.
I find this to be hilarious b/c Clark is, afterall, "Clark."
Plus, there are several people who constantly call Clark "Superman" due to his name.
Plus, there is there quirky guys who works at Cici's and everytime we order pizza he makes the same comment about Clark being superman.

I AM...


You are intelligent, witty, a bit geeky and have great power and responsibility.
So my super villain is the Dark Phoenix, but my super hero is Spider Man! I actually tied between Spider Man and Wonder Woman. Sweet!!

Here is a transcript of mine and andrew's prayer tonight after we read about Noah:

C: Dear God,
A: God

C: Thank you for the Bible
A: Bible

C: Help us to obey like Noah
A: Noah

C: We love you
A: love you

C: Thank you for Jesus,
A: Jesus

C: Amen
A: Boogers

Then he licked me on the cheek.


So, its summertime again. Summer, just like any other season, brings interesting and all too familiar smells with it. You're probably thinking about fresh cut grass, a chlorinated pool (I used to be swimmer), etc. However, the first smells of the summer to assault my nose have not been pleasant. Let me explain:

First, when Andrew gets hot and a little sweaty from playing inside the house, he kinda smells like graham crackers. I know, a little weird.

Second, when our air conditioner comes on, the air coming through the vents has a certain scent to it. Not an unpleasant scent, just particular scent.

The reason for these scents being unpleasant is that last summer I was extremely ill due to being pregnant with Corinne. We had the air conditioner on full blast and Andrew was still sweating in the house due to the sweltering heat outside. These smells were a constant in our house. And they made me feel even more nauseated (as if that possible). Now, this summer, whenever they come wafting into my nostrils, it just takes me right back to last summer.

Much like hearing the theme song to Barney or Between The Lions. Two shows that we watched everyday last summer while I was laying on the couch trying not to throw up and still keep Andrew entertained.

Oh, the power of the sense of smell...

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