Crisis update

After weeks of turmoil in our house, all is right again. After a trip to Clark's dad's house this weekend, we no longer have a crisis on our hands. If you recall from my May post, there has been none of Papaw's jelly in our fridge. I gave Pops two ways to fix the problem, and he came through in a big way!

We now have six jars of jelly in our fridge and I have a Kemp t-shirt! We owe a big thanks to:

  • Papaw - for giving away so many coveted jars of jelly to us. Thanks Papaw!
  • Pops - for also giving away so many coveted jars of jelly to us and for getting the Kemp t-shirt.
  • Caro - for making Pops give away so many coveted jars of jelly.
  • Bama and Smuckers - for making do in the middle of the crisis.

Go Yellowjackets!


i'm glad to see that everything has worked out. so much is off my mind now. -j

Sunday, 17 June, 2007  

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