On Wednesday, I took the kids with me to Wal-Mart to get some groceries. Since Corinne threw away our crayons, I needed to buy some more. So I decided that in addition to their own set of eight washable crayons, they could each have a spiral notebook to color in. (sidenote: Andrew will not color in color books - who knows why.)

Andrew immediately picked out one with Lightning McQueen from cars on it. So I picked up two for Corinne to choose from. One had three Disney princesses on it.

She chose the other one:

I'm so afraid we are going to end up with something like 10 pets at some point. And I don't clean well y'all. Not bathrooms, kitchens, fish bowls, hamster cages, or litter boxes.

However, as someone with strong preferences myself, I decided to share one with you. I have a strong preference for drinking water out of a water bottle, not a drinking glass. Here's my collection. Oh yes, I said collection.

There are six bottles here people. The pink one in front is my favorite. I bought it at Linens N Things while shopping for a wedding present for my great friend Bonnie (who is at this very moment in labor with her first child) and while trying to find something very similar to the water bottle/tea bottle that the Kruses brought from China.

But today, I added one more to my collection. At Jazzercise, you could win a green water bottle if you came to class 30 times between June 15th and July 31st. Go me! I did it!

Ha, no I didn't! BUT, I did get on the platform and do one routine with the instructor! I'm crazy! I know, you're thinking "Who are you and where is Erin?" But I wanted that water bottle! And when I finished the routine, I felt like I was going to pass out or throw up because not only am I extremely out of shape, but I was also nervous. But look at my prize:

I made another apron recently for my great friend Katy's birthday. I absolutely love this fabric combo - I used it for Andrew's teacher's tote bag last May. The one I kicked myself for not taking a picture of because I loved the fabric so much. And it was the first bag I'd made in a long time and I wanted to share it with y'all. Oh well.

Andrew and I have been making fruit smoothies for lunch a lot lately. I always love to see what the color is going to be once its all blended. This was the first one we had added blackberries to, and this picture cannot even convey how PURPLE this looked. It was so gorgeous! And I don't even really like purple. Plum yes, purple no.

Saturday morning we went to a birthday party for Dylan (the one on Andrew's left). These kiddos belong to our close friends from church - they actually represent about 3% of the kids amongst our friends from church. We love them dearly. are you?

If you haven't noticed (or you read my blog through google reader), I've got themesongs for my blog now!

I'm awesome.

Actually, I copied a friend of mine who has music on her blog.

It's so fun!

Two of the songs are by this guy that Clark and I have become obsessed with. His name is Matisyahu and he sings reggae. But he's not just any reggae singer, he's Jewish. Clark and I think some of his songs are really cool, especially "King Without A Crown."

"Beat Box" is my themesong at the moment. It even makes Corinne dance, which is so funny.


Yes, we are back online! HALLELUJAH! I don't know how Clark did it, but he did.

And he's my hero. So, now I can finally post about 4th of July, which will probably seem like a huge letdown now that you've all waited so long... Nevertheless, here is our 4th of July day!

(this picture makes me laugh b/c it looks like A is giving the "peace out")
Since Clark was on call again this year, we were without Daddy and all his funlovingness. But we managed to make it through the day somehow. I took the kids to the parade in downtown Irving. We have never been before, but it was so good and Andrew loved it!

Corinne was doing okay despite the intense sun and heat and loud car horns. She does like to people watch, though, so she was entertained.

Of course, she wasn't really happy until she could sit on the curb next to Andrew and try to catch candy for herself.

We spent the rest of the morning at my grandparents' house with my sister and her kids. I made the decision to not get out for fireworks that night. There was a high probability that Andrew and Corinne would have been scared by them (due to the crying and ear covering from the firetruck at the parade), so we just stayed home and had a normal night.

It really was a fun day because the parade was a new experience for Andrew and Corinne. It's always fun to see them have a new experience and take in every detail with awe and excitement.

Plus, candy being thrown at you is priceless.

for our computer! (was that a mean way to start out? I'm sorry.)

We think we have a bug and our internet isn't working. I'm currently typing this post from my mom's house.

I have, like, four different blog posts floating around in my brain, but I can't post them! I especially want to post about our 4th of July, but you'll all just have to wait patiently for it.

Who knows when our internet will work again...

Why, God, why?!

p.s. if any of you know anything about computers and bugs and ridding computers of bugs, please call me!

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