Photo shoot

I did a "photo shoot" of the kids the other day and got some fun and silly pics:

As I write this post, Andrew is taking his first nap in his big boy bed! Well, he's actually screaming, but that's normal for him. He always screams when I first put him down for a nap. Last night we rearranged Andrew's room a little so that he could start sleeping in his big boy bed. Thanks goes to the Klinglers for their full size mattress set. Eventually, we will break down Andrew's crib and use it for the head board and foot board, but we decided to leave it up for the time being, just in case...

So, his first night in the big boy bed - he cried a little when we left him, then we heard him playing a little, then he was quiet.
But about 10:00, his door opened. Now, luckily we'd put a gate up at his door for just this reason. He stood there calling for us and asking to open the gate for about half an hour. Then, he started playing again. I peeked at him around 11:00 and he was sitting on the side of the bed reading books. This was great except for the fact that it was 11:00 and his door was wide open! I drifted off to sleep, but woke up at 12:45 and checked on him. Fast asleep with book and stuffed animals all around. I would have taken a picture, but I really didn't want to risk waking him up. So I just quietly shut his door.

I woke up this morning at 8:30 (well, 2:00 am then 5:00am with Corinne) and he was awake, standing at his gate. When I got him out, he was Mr. Proud of Myself and happy as could be.

Uh oh - he's still screaming and trying to get his door open. But I put one of those door knob protectors on the inside so he can't turn the knob and open it. Sneaky mommy! Cross your fingers that he eventually falls asleep!


When Corinne was born and we were so confused as to where she came from, my mom let us know that she looked exactly like I did when I was born. Then, I found some pictures of me as a baby. For me, the similarities were uncanny. Now, I don't think she looks exactly like me, but it is funny how much she resemblies me. Especially because, while Andrew resembles Clark and his genetic side, he did not look very similar to Clark as a baby. Isn't genetics interesting...


So, I just finished the last Harry Potter book, and it is GOOD! I won't give anything away for those of you still reading it or who haven't gotten a chance to start it. But, man, it is good!! I was really skeptical about whether or not I would like it or if JK Rowling would do a good enough job to satisfy readers with the last book, but I think she really did. Its good... Happy Reading!

The whole family made the trip to Little Rock to see Joel, Alice, Silas, and Micah this past week. They are our great friends from medical school whom we love very much! It was a fantastic trip! Alice made the best meals, including homemade bread that I am still craving. She also made Silas give up his crib so that Andrew could sleep in it. See, Andrew decided to start climbing out of his pack and play this trip. Silas, we appreciate your being willing to sleep elsewhere while we were at your house. Same for you, Micah! We had such a great time eating, talking, laughing, getting sweaty at the zoo, keeping Andrew and Silas from falling down stairs, keeping Corinne and Micah asleep, drinking Honey Amber beer and coffee (separately!). Thanks, Fanks, for letting us invade and take over your house! Its a great place and we felt very loved, welcomed, and comfortable while we were there.

Corinne went in the exersaucer for the first time while in Little Rock!

By the way, do turtles have sacrums???

Random pics

In the pool at Pops and Caro's on the 4th.
Eating dinner at the 4th of July party with Pops.

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With Corinne sleeping in our room still, I'm finding it hard to blog during the day. I usually do it while she and Andrew are napping in the afternoon, but now it wakes her up when I type. Why is she still in our room you ask??? Well, she tends to sleep better in her pack and play rather than her crib, so we just haven't moved her out yet. All this to say that I'm posting a rather long and random post.

1. Did not like the fireworks at all!! In fact, he was so frightened that he started crying and when he was taken inside, ran into a corner and did not come out until fireworks were over. Granted, we were pretty close to them and when they started it scared him. This was expected b/c he has startled and scared so easily since he was a baby - he's always been afraid of loud noises.

2. He is still doing great swimming! He loves to go under "by himself" - this is him standing and then dipping under water.

3. He wants to do everything himself, so all through the day we hear, "I can do it myself." This has now included making his own PB&J sandwich on top of brushing his teeth, feeding himself, putting DVD's in, drinking from our cups instead of his sippy cups, and several others.

4. Besides his question of "Whaddya doin?" we know hear "What's that?" a lot - Clark says we are just one step away from hearing "Why?" all the time. Oh boy...

5. Loves hugging and trying to hold Corinne

6. Drums on everthing with anything like even remotely could be used as a drumstick - crayons, chopsticks, pens (his favorite), toothbrushes

1. Had her 4 month check-up and weighs 17 lbs 1 oz (94%) and is 26.5 in long (96%). She's big!

2. Gagged on tylenol and the rotateq vaccine big time!

3. Is rolling from back to tummy all the time, and scooching all around - already!

4. Reaches out for all kinds of things, including my hair.

5. Is starting to laugh, which her Daddy will do anything for and totally adores.

6. Wakes up in the middle of night and pops her head up to smile at me. Argghhhh!

1. Is in his second week of the second year of residency - this means he is just focusing on anesthesia, finally! He loves it, which makes a big difference in the stress level of our household.

2. Encourages Andrew to kick his beach ball really hard inside the house...

3. Has finally gotten over the newness of his Ipod Nano which was his Father's Day present.

4. Finally got the mole by his ear to stop bleeding after he nicked it shaving the night before last.

5. Keeps recording and watching Battlestar Galactica even though everytime we watch it he says, "This show sucks."

1. I'm getting used to Clark being on call every 4th night.

2. I'm teaching myself how to crochet b/c my great-grandmother did it and I want to carry on the tradition of afghans and stockings.

3. Have not figured out how to get Andrew to let me brush his teeth everyday.

4. Love watching Corinne figure out the world around her and enjoy her big brother.

5. Am amazed at how well Andrew is communicating and understanding.

6. Trying to figure out how to lose weight while eating cookies as an afternoon snack...

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