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YEAH!!! joel we think too much alike my friend. ain't she cool! she's the roughest 3 month old i know. that anonymous commenter sounds very enlightened also.

Body Art?

I'd like to pose a question:

Where do you suggest I get a tattoo?
Explanation: I've been thinking about getting a small tattoo - two little stars representing Andrew and Corinne. I can't decide where to get them, though. I don't generally like all the obvious places: on my back, lower back, ankle, etc. I'm really not even sure if I want them, as I ride the fence on tattoos most of the time. My favorite spot would be on the back of my neck. But I'd love to hear your suggestions...

A Special Day

Five wonderful years of laughing, loving, and growing!
Happy Anniversary!

This is what we call Andrew's new favorite CD/DVD. It's the lead song and one of his favorites to sing when he wakes up from nap or in the morning and has his practice sessions with Mr. Bunny, Mrs. Bunny, and Big Bunny.

We bought this CD/DVD combo along with "The Toddler Bible" at Mardel last week b/c I was seriously concerned that Andrew was not just "not interested" in the Bible, prayer, God, or Jesus, but that was he was completely opposed to all of them. I was worried that our son was never to become a Christian! He never picked up his two other kids Bibles to read, he jumped out of my lap for another book if I suggested them, he squirms when we try to pray, he won't repeat the names Jesus or God... seriously, what is up with our kid?

NOW, he is singing scripture! It is so fun! We owe this change of heart and spirit to the "Hide'em in Your Heart" CD/DVD volume 1. If you've never heard of these, there are 2 volumes and they are scripture put to song for kids. They're great! Andrew is now obsessed with it. And I don't mind it at all because it has me learning and singing scripture, too. I will say, however, that the DVD was filmed in, like, 1990 because the outfits are hilarious!

Also, we have started our nightly family devotion time with the new Toddler Bible. We haven't gotten past Noah b/c Andrew wants to keep reading about Adam and Eve, the fruit, and then Noah's Big Boat. But, hey, he's learning the Bible for heaven's sake. Who says we have to read one story a night all the way through?

We're going to be praying the prayer of salvation before we know it...


We have some growth in our garden! So far, only the squash and beans have sprouted. But I'm confident that the bell peppers will soon. I'm not so sure about the tomatoes or the basil. However, I'm just excited that something is growing!!



On another growing note, our little belly sleeper has gotten really good at holding her head up. I snapped some good pics of her the other day. I may use one for her announcements, if I ever get around to sending one. We had such good intentions of not treating her like the second-born, but life just happens...

Milk anyone?

Warning: this may be offensive to male readers.

I find it utterly hilarious that Andrew is so fascinated with my breastpump. He could care less when I am actually nursing Corinne. But when I pump, he loves it! He thinks it is so fun and funny. However, Clark did not find it as funny as me. I had a good belly laugh about it, but Clark merely chuckled and shook his head.

Who am I?

So, I took this quiz from our good friend's blog. I've finally found out who I really am:
Dark Phoenix

A prime example of emotional extremes: Passion and fury incarnate

Apparently I do like to wear skintight clothes, even though on the quiz I answered no. I'll just chalk it up to my superhero personality coming out. Take the quiz and let me know who you are...

She does funny things with her tongue.
She likes to reach up and play with her hair.

She is fascinated with me.

She already likes to talk.

She has my mother's hands.

She's so happy!

She stares adoringly at her daddy.

She gets all excited when she hears Andrew.

The way her eyes get big when she's about to nurse.

How girly her little cries and shrieks are.

The way a bow makes her look even cuter, as if that was possible.


We have no more jelly! "Big deal" you might be thinking. Well, I'm not just talking about regular ole Smuckers or Bama - I'm talking about Papaw's jelly. One of Clark's dad's neighbors, Papaw, makes the best jelly. I'm obsessed with it. When we were visiting Pops and Caro on Easter, we got a much coveted jar of it. Now its gone!

Pops, if you're out there, only two things can fix this crisis:
-a new jar of jelly, of course
-a bright orange Kemp Jackets t-shirt, size medium (NOT!)

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