No, I'm not talking about casting your line and reeling it back in.

I'm talking about these two guys:

When Andrew was little and we noticed he would be a musical prodigy, Pops and Caro introduced us to this unique duo that sings mostly family friendly, silly music. We love them!

Recently, they treated Andrew, Clark, and me to a concert at the Dallas Children's Theater. The theater is so small and intimate, it almost felt like a personal concert. Not only was it fun to listen to Keith and Ezra, but it was so enjoyable watching all the kids getting into the music and dancing.

Andrew will use anything as a guitar, even the "spanking spoon"

Do you ever feel like you just can't measure up to everyone else out there in blogland - like they have such beautiful, perfect lives?

In a conversation with some friends the other night, I realized that most people on blogs only post the Good, not the Bad and the Ugly.

So, here's a little Bad and Ugly for ya:
This isn't even the worst our living has ever looked! And you can't see the dust on those bookshelves. Oh, and funny looking dark carpet on the bottom corner? That's soaking wet water from a leaking air conditioner. It's been like that since Monday, and no matter how many times I suck up the water with our carpet cleaner, it keeps coming back!

Oh, the kitchen. My downfall. I can't ever keep my table clean. Ever. Of course a sink full of dirty dishes is the norm around here, too. And you can't see the dirty pot on the stove from dinner, a few nights ago! However, there is a pretty vase of pink roses in beautiful bloom that my son picked out for me at the grocery store on Monday.

Oh wait, scratch that. We weren't doing Good, were we?

Anways, go feel better about yourselves now!

A while ago, we took the kids and met up with Grammy, Tommy, Brent, and Audrey for a Dragon Boat, Lantern, and Kite Festival. It was a lot of fun! There were tons of teams racing dragon boats back and forth, and I unfortunately didn't get any good pictures of those. There were lots of booths set up with food and crafts, and of course kites. It was a really fun day.

is it Erin and Clark? no, its our kids' new BFF's


I found this at the grocery store, and YUM! It's a little much as cereal, but I put it with yogurt and fresh fruit in a pretty glass for a parfait. So good! (Heather, it's a lot like your recipe, but it clumps so it has chunks).

We've become obsessed with listening to this and this lately.

Clark and I would highly recommend watching the movie "Once" - its really good.

Who could resist these faces:

For Clark's birthday, I bought him tickets to see Flight of the Conchords. If you click on their name, it will link you to one of my favorite songs of theirs. :) (Not for young ears.)

Flight of the Conchords is two guys from New Zealand who write goofy songs and say goofy things. I think they have a show on HBO, too. Anyways, they are hilarious!

Our really good friends bought tickets also, so we had dinner with them and rode together to share the cost of parking. :)

it was really hard to get a good picture of them in the dark - sorry!

I don't know if y'all still care, but I couldn't leave this post out since I promised weeks ago when I got back on the bloggy kick.

The only reason I still want to tell you about a short, crazy vacation we took three months ago is that Andrew really surprised us.

About 2pm, when we thought God was flooding the earth again, or atleast San Antonio, we decided we'd seen everything and were thinking about hitting the road. As we headed back to the front gates we noticed that the clouds were disappearing and the bright, beautiful blue sky was making an appearance.

So we decided to stay at the park long enough to see if we could catch the last scheduled dolphin show. We had about 45 minutes to kill, so we headed to the area of the park with playground/sandbox/spraypark.

As we got there, Andrew noticed that there was a mini-rollercoaster shaped like Shamu. We had seen it earlier, but didn't say anything about it because we were sure Andrew would not want to ride it. He is, above all, our cautious child.

But, he insisted he wanted to ride the rollercoaster. So Clark took him in the line while Corinne and I staked out a spot to watch and record Andrew's inevitable retreat from the ride once he got to the front.

And much to our surprise, he rode it! Not just once with Clark, but again with me!

So after this excitement we headed to the last show, which could have used more dolphins and less goofy cirque du soleil actors, in my opinion.

So, to sum up: a crazy vacation with great memories. Corinne and Andrew still talk it about and both of them sleep with their whale stuffed animals we bought. I definitely don't regret this trip. :)

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