Some good friends of ours had their son's first birthday party at this great pumpkin patch in Celina. I think it is called "The Big Orange Pumpkin Patch." It was so fun!

the hayride - we got stuck in the mud twice! it was great fun!

There were also lots of goats, sheep, and cows there to feed. Of course, Corinne loved that. I think we might try to make a trip out there next year because it is a neat little patch.

Perfect costumes.

Dancing ballerina butterfly. Robotic dinosaur.

Bounce houses galore.

All was well with the world.

More awesomely bad pictures from my old camera.

Oh, the Fair.

After working last night, then sleeping a few hours this morning, Clark felt up for tackling the Fair today. I think the call of the Tornado Tators and the country-friend bacon was too much for him to resist.

We had a great time, and even ran into a few friends! We managed to not spend a bazillion dollars either. Plus, Andrew surprised us and went down the gigantic multi-colored slide all by himself.

And right now I'm going to apologize, but there are no pictures of that. I'm working with a five year old camera here people! We did tape it on our handy Flip camcorder, so I'm going to upload that video in the coming days. There's also some great video of our little animal lover, Corinne, feeding and petting some goats.

For now, here's the two pictures we took of the day:

It's so bad I just have to laugh!


Clark and Andrew went fishing with some friends recently. Fortunately, our friend Mike has a handy dandy iPhone and took a picture of Andrew's first catch! I think it was the actual size of his iPhone.

We hit the pumpkin patch this week for the first of many trips, I'm sure. Lots of our friends were there and the kids had so much fun.

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