I got this idea from another blog I read (www.bakerella.com), and knew the kids would love it. We melted some of those colored candy melts you can buy at Joann's or Hobby Lobby. Then I blew up a few water balloons we had (thanks Mimi!) and dipped them in the melted coating. After sitting in the freezer during dinner, they were ready to use!

Of course, Corinne wanted to use the purple candies.

I found that dipping them twice, the second time after they had set up a little bit, helped to hold the bowl together after we popped the balloon.

It was a yummy dessert!

In an effort to keep Corinne busy one day, I gave her a bowl of cheerios and a string. I told her to make a necklace that she could eat.

She seemed interested and excited to make something she could both wear and nibble on, but her attention to it fizzled out pretty quick.

I finished the necklace but she wouldn't even wear it. Oh well!

Fun with Food

A few weeks ago the kids and I decided to have some fun with our food. I sliced up a watermelon in thin slices and got out the cookie cutters.

I let Andrew and Corinne decide on a few shapes and gave them each several pieces of watermelon to cut out of - they loved it!

Corinne couldn't wait to start eating, even if she hadn't cut out her shape yet!

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