Awhile back Clark realized that one of the grates from his grill fits across the top of his firepit.

So, you can imagine what that realization led to:

Brent came over with his friend Audrey (who is my new friend!), and they brought marinated tilapia and potatoes with onions and rosemary. Brent has this great habit of coming over with all the fixin's for dinner, and a good dinner at that. So while Audrey jumped right into the sandbox with the kids (did I mention that she's my new friend?), the guys cooked the food on the grill.

And it was so yummy...

Clark also had a little fun trying to write his name with a little keychain flashlight while the camera shutter was slowed down or left open longer or whatchamadoodled - I don't know the technical term for this.

Daddy will play!

A few weeks ago I went to Little Rock to visit my sweet, dear friend Alice. Clark very lovingly offered to keep the kids since he was off so I could by myself for a few days.

I know! He's so great.

It was pretty rainy here while I was gone, and Clark decided to let the kids do something I don't - play in it. Never you mind the dangers of lightning strikes. Anyways, he taught them how to open wide and catch the rain in their mouths, and he even remembered to take a few pics.

Unfortunately, he also taught them to drink it straight off the roof!

Need I say more?

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