The other day, I found pretty much everyone except Baby Jesus from the nativity set like this:

Apparently, Baby Jesus wasn't the only interesting thing in town:

I'm back!

Sorry it's been so long. Clark unplugged our camera cord from the computer to plug in the IPOD cord, and he didn't switch them back. And, no, I couldn't do it myself. That's what I have my man around for. Love you, babe!
I have to apologize for these pictures. I was not aware until recently that my camera had a huge smudge on the lens. Whoops!
At the beginning of the month, when Clark was around here more and not at the hospital so much, we put up our Christmas lights! Andrew was so excited and wanted to be right next to Clark helping. Unfortunately, the ladder is not the safest place for a three year old. But since he is almost four, I let him go up halfway.

Of course, Corinne had to be right in the middle: monkey see, monkey do.

My man: this was before we realized that my dad had, in fact, left his staple gun for us on the front porch. Clark was hooking the lights into last year's staples, then gently hammering them back into the roof. At my suggestion. :)

Happy Holidays everyone!

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