What are you looking at?

The other day, I found pretty much everyone except Baby Jesus from the nativity set like this:

Apparently, Baby Jesus wasn't the only interesting thing in town:


That is pretty funny. Probably someone was plying while doing their business.

Friday, 26 December, 2008  

Hahahaha.. that is too funny! I love it!

Saturday, 27 December, 2008  

haha!! i think that's pretty interesting myself..

Monday, 29 December, 2008  

Isn't it obvious? They're kneeling at the throne!

Friday, 02 January, 2009  

I wonder what Baby Jesus was doing while everybody else was busy.

Monday, 05 January, 2009  

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Wednesday, 14 January, 2009  

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Sunday, 18 January, 2009  

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