Four years ago

Something amazing happened...

We were blessed with Andrew ~

On Monday, he turned four! Four incredible years of joy (with a few other things mixed in for good measure). We love you big guy!


happy birthday, andrew!! I still remember the picture you took of him in the bluebonnets... you should post that one!

Wednesday, 28 January, 2009  

Happy Birthday to Andrew. Wow, it is filled with laughter and joy that not anyone could begin to tell you how much.
Have fun this year as he will continue to amaze you.

Wednesday, 28 January, 2009  

so were you induced with andrew? i'm trying so hard to be patient, but this is TOUGH! :) i guess this is God teaching me patience and how to be flexible--because i'm sure i'll next extra doses of both with a new baby!

Thursday, 05 February, 2009  

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