This is what Andrew calls his good friend Quade almost all the time. These boys have been such good friends since birth. Their friendship has survived infancy, toddlerhood (the terrible two's were rough times, weren't they Heather?), and now we've moved on to being preschoolers. They have supported each other through gaining new siblings as well. What a pair! God sure has given Andrew a great friend!

I snapped these pics while they were enjoying a milkshake for Andrew's birthday.

Drummer boy

For his birthday, Pops and Caro bought Andrew a newer, bigger set of drums. These were on the list for a Christmas gift, but I said no due to space and noise concerns. :)

Well, Clark just couldn't stand the fact that someone had offered to buy him big boy drums and we had turned them down. And really, this four year old has some amazing talent. Seriously! I'm not just a biased mom stating some untrue fact. Andrew is shockingly talented when it comes to drumming and rhthym and music. I, on the other hand, am pretty sure I just misspelled rhythm. Katy and Philip, help me out here!

The drums now live in the garage, which has been cleaned out since these pictures were taken. They have their very own spot with a nice rug underneath to keep things from sliding around. Andrew loves to play them and does so pretty much every day. Clark has taught him a few simple beats (rythyms?) and he also just goes all out playing whatever his mind and hands can play. God bless Ms. Pat next door, who hasn't complained yet. Even when he's out there banging away at 8am.

My friend, Misty, tagged me. I had to post the fourth picture in the fourth file on my computer.

This is obviously a picture of Clark on our wedding day surrounded by my bridesmaids. Of course I love it because it brings back so many memories: a perfect day we spent about 9 months planning and four years leading up to, all my beautiful friends, who I mostly still keep in touch with, and my two wonderful sisters, the sanctuary of my church which holds a special place in my heart, the flowers that were perfect and so fragrant, and of course the amazing man in the middle who was and still is my best friend and soulmate.

It's a little weird looking because it isn't a digital picture. Clark scanned our wedding proofs into our computer for some reason - to keep them protected? Anyways, just for kicks, here is the "other side" so to speak, me with his groomsmen and my then four year old nephew.

Good times.

I tag Alice, Staci, Lindy, and Kara.


For Christmas, Clark's dad and step-mom bought him an awesome fire pit. In fact, kudos to Pops because the one I suggested was way too small. We are enjoying this thing so much!

Last night, Clark and Andrew went out in the backyard and enjoyed a fire together before bedtime. It was so cute that they had a little father/son time, and Clark said Andrew did not stop talking the entire time. Love it!

For some reason, Corinne just gives us so much blog-worthy material these days. So I apologize if things have gotten a bit "Corinne heavy." Here are a smattering of pictures I've taken recently:

taking her babies for a walk (the green bunny is actually Andrew's lovey)

she let me braid her hair!

giving her baby some loving

Clark did her hair before church one morning. It did not stay this way.

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