Drummer boy

For his birthday, Pops and Caro bought Andrew a newer, bigger set of drums. These were on the list for a Christmas gift, but I said no due to space and noise concerns. :)

Well, Clark just couldn't stand the fact that someone had offered to buy him big boy drums and we had turned them down. And really, this four year old has some amazing talent. Seriously! I'm not just a biased mom stating some untrue fact. Andrew is shockingly talented when it comes to drumming and rhthym and music. I, on the other hand, am pretty sure I just misspelled rhythm. Katy and Philip, help me out here!

The drums now live in the garage, which has been cleaned out since these pictures were taken. They have their very own spot with a nice rug underneath to keep things from sliding around. Andrew loves to play them and does so pretty much every day. Clark has taught him a few simple beats (rythyms?) and he also just goes all out playing whatever his mind and hands can play. God bless Ms. Pat next door, who hasn't complained yet. Even when he's out there banging away at 8am.


go andrew! it's so great that he's so excited with music! and at least you corrected your spelling of rhythm the second time. haha.. you're so funny, erin. hone his gifting!

Saturday, 21 February, 2009  

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