Tag! You're it!

My friend, Misty, tagged me. I had to post the fourth picture in the fourth file on my computer.

This is obviously a picture of Clark on our wedding day surrounded by my bridesmaids. Of course I love it because it brings back so many memories: a perfect day we spent about 9 months planning and four years leading up to, all my beautiful friends, who I mostly still keep in touch with, and my two wonderful sisters, the sanctuary of my church which holds a special place in my heart, the flowers that were perfect and so fragrant, and of course the amazing man in the middle who was and still is my best friend and soulmate.

It's a little weird looking because it isn't a digital picture. Clark scanned our wedding proofs into our computer for some reason - to keep them protected? Anyways, just for kicks, here is the "other side" so to speak, me with his groomsmen and my then four year old nephew.

Good times.

I tag Alice, Staci, Lindy, and Kara.


wow. these are old pictures! I totally forgot Aaron and Tim were groomsmen. Your wedding was so beautiful and fun!

Saturday, 21 February, 2009  

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