"My brother, Quade"

This is what Andrew calls his good friend Quade almost all the time. These boys have been such good friends since birth. Their friendship has survived infancy, toddlerhood (the terrible two's were rough times, weren't they Heather?), and now we've moved on to being preschoolers. They have supported each other through gaining new siblings as well. What a pair! God sure has given Andrew a great friend!

I snapped these pics while they were enjoying a milkshake for Andrew's birthday.


what a duo! i think "brothers" is the perfect descriptor for them since they can fight so much and yet love each other so much!

Monday, 23 February, 2009  

very cute...the drumsss...well, darren's drums stay in his room. Paka Mike told him that he had to play them softly. When he gets a little loud, I remind him about Paka Mikes rule...Darren usually finsihes the rule for me.

visit our blog, just updated it. face book is update too.


Sunday, 01 March, 2009  

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