I found this at the grocery store, and YUM! It's a little much as cereal, but I put it with yogurt and fresh fruit in a pretty glass for a parfait. So good! (Heather, it's a lot like your recipe, but it clumps so it has chunks).

We've become obsessed with listening to this and this lately.

Clark and I would highly recommend watching the movie "Once" - its really good.

Who could resist these faces:


woohoo! you found time to blog!

You never cease to open my eyes/ears to new and different things, my dear. Never heard of the Ting Tings. haha..

And what adorable children you have. I love those kiddos!

Wednesday, 24 June, 2009  

I'm thrilled to hear there is a product out there that i can buy for my granola morning obsession! i may keep a box on hand for when i run out of the homemade stuff...it's a bad thing when a preggo doesn't have her morning craving. =)

Wednesday, 24 June, 2009  

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