Father's Day Fun

Our Father's Day was actually a "Father's Weekend." We spent Friday night and Saturday in Kemp with Clark's dad and stepmom. We intended to swim most of the weekend. Actually, Andrew did swim if you notice how wet he is in the previous picture. Because of all the rain, a small river formed around their back patio. Andrew and Caro (Carolyn - Clark's stepmom) finally gave up on staying dry and decided to play in the rain. Everybody got in, except Pops and Corinne. They ended up napping on the back porch.

On Sunday, we went to church, napped, then had an early dinner with our great friends - Bruce, Heather, and Quade. I think it was a great day for Clark: a little God, a little sleep, a little food, a little family and friends.

Last night we did Father's day for my dad. My older sister and her family (which have just been added to the world of blogging - check out the O'Briant Clan on my blogroll), my little sister (Lindy Land on my blogroll), and my dad came over to cook out. It was a lot of relaxing fun.


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