Andrew is potty trained!

seeing the Doodlebops in concert with Grammy

In order to fully tell the story of potty training Andrew, let me do it in the form of a timeline:

  • This past fall, I started leaving Andrew with no diaper or underwear or pants on inside the house so he would be forced to use the potty. It went okay, except for pooping. Most of you know he has a problem holding his poop, so we knew this would be an issue for us. I wasn't being very consistent and he wasn't very interested.

  • Christmas-time, we're still being somewhat inconsistent with potty training and he's pretty opposed to it. I tried putting him in big boy underwear, but he would pee with them on. But, I'm not really concerned about it because he's not three yet.

  • January, we decide to be more consistent and he's excited about getting a peppermint patty (Mimi and Papa's doing) whenever he pees. We decide a little ice cream is a good treat for pooping b/c he has so many issues with it. Some days Andrew is into using the potty, some days he isn't. We just leave the potty in the living room for him to use when he needs to and wants to. I have still not put him in big boy underwear.

  • February, he's doing really well using the potty and is starting to poop in it, too. I decide that I'm just going to have to make the change to big boy underwear and deal with the accidents. So, I'm motivated and ready to do it. Andrew says he wants to wear big boy underwear and decides to do it the night we go out to eat with Clark's mom and grandmother. He does not have an accident, but also will not use the toilet at Chili's. I send him to school the next day with two changes of pants plus a diaper, but he doesn't have an accident until right before I pick him up. The next day he has a few accidents, but mostly its our fault for not taking him to the potty enough and for being away from home so much. After that, he's not had any accidents. Then, last week Clark and I went out of town for a few days and he continued doing great. Clark's mom got him to pee on the big toilet standing up finally, too.

So, I'm officially saying that Andrew is potty trained! It happened so much faster and easier than I thought it would in the end. Yesterday it really hit me b/c he got up and peed in the toilet several times on his own with no help from me and didn't get any rewards for it. Yea!

Pooping is still an issue, but it's getting better.

Now since we're not buying as many diapers, please, Clark, can I spend more money at Target now?


I totally think you deserve at least one splurge at Target for the diaper savings.

Pray for us next week. That is when we are going to panties.

Tuesday, 19 February, 2008  

Hooray hooray for potty train-ED!! :) You must feel great! I'm so glad your process wasn't as painful as you'd feared - Hooray for Andrew - Mommy wow, he's a big boy now!

Tuesday, 19 February, 2008  

Thank GOODNESS someone is finally trained. Way to go. Your story reminds me of me. I just flat don't want to do it. I've had offers from both sets of grandparents to do it for me, and I am really hoping I can still get out of it somehow. Maybe when my parents come in April...hmmmm.

Tuesday, 19 February, 2008  

oh. I'm envious. Deron will pee before his bathtime really regularly, but he's just not interested other than that. I guess time will tell...

Tuesday, 19 February, 2008  

That's fantastic! Great job, Erin!!!!

Wednesday, 20 February, 2008  

isn't it a great feel to have a child potty trained, or almost trained!!! the poopin in the bid boy pants is a MESS, but it is worth dealing with it in the long run. good to hear he's going by himself.

the first time darren went standing up, i thought it was the cutest thing ever.

yeah for andrew!!!

Sunday, 24 February, 2008  

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