Monday Musing

So, I don't know if anyone noticed that I didn't muse last week, but I didn't.

And today there isn't anything deep that I've worked through enough in my mind to coherently muse about either. Things like how do I reconcile my belief that God is in control of all things, but that there is still sin and free will affecting life as well... or how all of you feel about the persecution of Christians that goes on all over the world and we have it so easy here in America to believe in God... or that praying and reading my Bible are much more like working out than I ever understood before - they require me to be disciplined and do it whether I feel like it or not...

So, today I'm musing about the fact that it is supposed to be, like, 82 degrees and tomorrow 84 degrees! Isn't it November??? Gosh! (said in my most Napoleon Dynamite like voice)


I am soooo excited that it is in the 80's in Dallas. We get home Wednesday and I am ready for a break from winter in Oslo before I have to have a winter in Dallas. This week the high has been in the 30's and the low in the 20's.

Monday, 12 November, 2007  

gosh...i can hear that napoleon accent now! makes me laugh :) maybe that's the next movie we watch for our sleepover!

Monday, 12 November, 2007  

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