Monday Musings

"Oh give thanks to the Lord"
~I Chron 16:8
How could I not write a Monday Musing the Monday before Thanksgiving about giving thanks? Before I go into all the cheesy things I'm thankful for, let me just share some self-reflecting I've done. Here's a confession:
I am not a grateful person.
Sometimes I have a hard time giving thanks. I guess I feel I deserve certain things or maybe I just don't take the time to thank the giver. Isn't this horrible for a person whose love language is gifts??? How can I not be grateful?!
Humbleness is the key issue here, I think. Humility would mean that I would put others before me and put them higher than me. That I would realize that I don't deserve anything, and would therefore be grateful for all that I have and receive.
So, thank you, God, for...
Jesus, Clark, Andrew, Corinne, parents (of all forms), sister #1 and #2, step-bro and fam, in-laws, bro-in-law, family, friends, a house, cars, Hoss, nature, swimming, books, the beach, chocolate, wine, food!... and the list goes on...


Erin - I love you!

Sunday, 25 November, 2007  

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Sunday, 25 November, 2007  

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