...but a new camera will make a girl do crazy things.

Like take a bazillion pictures of her beautiful daughter eating yogurt.

Then share them with the internet.



I do the same thing and have every intention of deleting the mundane photos or at least the duplicates or out of focus ones but rarely does that actually happen.

Congrats on a new camera. What did you get? I love learning photography. We should do a photo shoot to practice sometime.

Tuesday, 01 December, 2009  

congrats. What did you get? I will warn you: you may need to get an external hard drive for all your gorgeous new pics. I think I increased photos taken about 150% when we uograded our camera.

Wednesday, 02 December, 2009  

Glad you guys were finally able to invest in a new camera! You won't regret it, as you'll be able to cherish many special memories and "everyday life" moments..... looking forward to many more pictures to come! :)

Thursday, 03 December, 2009  

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