This morning as I was getting the kids dressed, they both managed to make their opinions known. Corinne has been doing this for a long time, but Andrew surprises us every once in awhile when it comes to his clothes.

I was handing him his shirt to put on, and he said, "No! Not that shirt! I wanna wear a cool shirt. That shirt isn't cool."

Well, excuse me.

Then after Corinne had picked out what she wanted to wear and I had gotten her dressed, she ran out of the room yelling, "Andrew, look at me! I look pretty!"

Yes, sweetheart, you look very, very pretty.


Katherine is always commenting on how she looks pretty. We are trying to downplay that since it usually depends on what she is wearing if she says it or not. I guess I used to say things like "Go show daddy your pretty dress". Now she says things like, "I prettier than Caroline" if she is wearing a dress and Caroline is wearing pants. We are nipping that one ASAP!

Wednesday, 16 December, 2009  

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