Sew much fun!

I've slowly started sewing again, and I'm really enjoying it. I copied this first thing from something a friend made. I think it's called a Taggie. It's like a small square, about 8 by 8, with ribbon tags coming out everywhere for a baby to chew on. Corinne would have loved one of these - she was always chewing on the tags of her toys. I made it for a good friend from high school who is having his first baby around July 4th.

sorry about the washed out pic - my flash was acting up

Then my mom asked me to make her a diaper bag/tote bag for a baby shower. This is actually the fabric I bought to make Corinne's new bag. This one is different from ones I normally make because it has one handle instead of two and that cute button closure.


look at you go, girl! I am forever impressed with how you apply yourself doing sewing with 2 kiddos around. Remember, my birthday's coming up... hehe. :)

Love you! I'll call next time we're around town.

Wednesday, 11 June, 2008  

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