Our little fish

Andrew finished two weeks of swim lessons last Friday, and the parents got to sit in and watch. He took lessons from S&A Swimming which is a lady and her adult daughter. They have been teaching lessons in Irving for over 15 years. Jean is a retired teacher and her daughter is a child pyschologist. There are also grandchildren "helpers" in the pool with them. Clark was fascinated by the fact that this is just their backyard pool. But it was great!

Even though Andrew looks totally scared and incapable of actually swimming in these clips, he has come so far! This past weekend we went to NRH2O both Saturday and Sunday (Happy Father's Day Clark!), and Andrew was amazing! He was literally swimming by himself in the little pool. In the "lazy river" he wore a lifejacket and didn't even want us to hold him. He just "swam" on his own with the current.

It's very exciting to me b/c I love swimming and the water so much. Yea! Go Andrew!


utterly amazing! really! to think that little 3 year olds can just swim around... i'm sure that they have always been "able" to do that, but when it's your own child, it's a huge deal! go andrew!

Thursday, 19 June, 2008  

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