It's been a long time since I posted anything crafty, and I'm excited to share this redo! It brought me so much happiness to change this chair and recycle it instead of giving it away!

When I was still teaching, my mom bought this great chair at a thrift store (I think) to use in my classroom. She gave it to my dad so he could refinish it for me and make it look nice. He, however, used his creative license and made it look like a throne.

Really, it was fun to have in a classroom full of first graders, and they loved being rewarded with a chance to sit and read in Mrs. Morgan's chair.

I've been hanging onto this chair for six years now because I loved its lines, but I've never had the inspiration to redo it. Well, the Great Garage Clean-Out of 2010 quickly put my rear in gear!

I love the way it looks now! I scraped all the little rhinestones off, primed it with white paint, then painted it a soft creamy color. I had some great greenish-blue fabric with a little bit of texture to it leftover from some project that was perfect for the seat cushion. The color isn't really coming through in the pictures, but it is lovely!

Now I have a quiet spot in my bedroom to sit and read, or nurse the baby when she comes! So fun!


oh dear. i thought the first picture was your handywork. then i continued reading.

good job erin!

Friday, 04 June, 2010  

Great Job Erin! I love it, very simple and pretty. :)
I am fixing to paint a head board/foot board for annalise's bed that was my nanaw's. well see how it turns out?!

Friday, 04 June, 2010  

Great job! I like it! (And I, too, thought the first picture was your re-do. :) We will be out that way next weekend and the weekend after that. I need to find pretty fabric for a headboard I'm going to make for our new house... wanna go together?? i could use your help!

Saturday, 05 June, 2010  

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