I'm sorry that his knees, shins, and feet are so dirty this morning. Here's the thing -he's a boy and he's taken to playing in the backyard. Then last night he played on the playground at church. We didn't get home until late, no one took a bath, and I didn't get a good look at his legs until he was already dressed this morning.

Please accept and love him as he is, dirty legs and all, because he is my joy! He is sweet, compassionate, thoughtful, and sharp. He will do whatever you ask and desires to please you, because you are his teacher and he adores you.

I promise tonight, I will scrub his long and lanky little boy legs and knees, and wash his toes until they are clean. I'm sure he'll stay nice and shiny until tomorrow morning when he hits the backyard again!

*this not an angry post towards Andrew's teachers - they are wonderful and sweet and did not say anything to me about his dirty legs at school this morning. :)


That was really sweet, Erin. Your little man is so handsome.

Thursday, 22 April, 2010  

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