Thanks to a comment from my friend Misty that led me to a Bobbly Flay recipe, I was inspired try them again. This time with diced green chilies, a little tabasco, garlic salt, and much more cheddar.

They still weren't the same, but Clark piled his up so high I almost gagged thinking about how much he was eating.

At his request, I'm making them for Christmas Eve dinner that we always have with Pops and Caro. I'll still be tweaking them a little. Wish me luck.

Also, totally unrelated, I'm quitting Monday Musings. Y'all, I'm not disciplined enough to post on a regular schedule. Then I feel like I can't post about really interesting things, like my crazy kids, b/c I haven't done Monday Musings. I'm sure I'll still get deep and too vulnerable with y'all, but just not every Monday. Or every other Monday. Or the random Tuesday.


No worry on dropping the Monday Musings. I read a lot of blogs where they do a theme each week like that and it is too much pressure for me.

Wednesday, 19 December, 2007  

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