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It's been fun to see more of Corinne's personality come out lately because she is funny! There are some very noticeable differences between her and Andrew as well.

  • Both of them started walking withing a month of their first birthdays. Andrew, with his cautious nature, was still toddling along at 14 months; Corinne is climbing up the slide in our backyard and on top of chairs and small tables.
  • Corinne will dig in the dirt with her hands while Andrew will pat it or use a shovel.
  • Andrew was, and still is, very verbal; Corinne is loud, but doesn't really use words yet.

That's just a few of the unique differences between our two, but another interest we've noticed about Corinne is her love of animals. She loves for us to read books with animals in them and she especially loves for us to make the animal sounds.

On Monday, I took the kids to the Arboretum to run off some energy. They still had their kids activites out, so I took Andrew and Corinne into the little animal pen so they could pet the animals. Corinne had died and gone to heaven! She was not afraid...


***I apologize for the bad camera movement on this - I was trying to tape Corinne and protect the animals from her at the same time!


this reminds me of the movie "The Other Sister"... when she sees the puppy at the wedding (reception, I think?) pupppyyyy.. I apologize if you have no idea what I'm talking about. haha..

She is so amazingly adorable. I want to eat her up!

Friday, 02 May, 2008  

Those videos may possibly be my favorite blog videos to date. She was so cute making the rounds to her new animal friends.

Friday, 02 May, 2008  

She is soooo brave. Today Katherine was too scared to pet baby chicks that her uncle was holding. I one time had a llama eat my hair bow at a pettingzoo and I have not particularly enjoyed them since. Let me know when you all are headed to the arbo again. It is our favorite place and we have a membership.

Friday, 02 May, 2008  

she's the animal whisperer. she makes sure she spends time with them all. i love the cockadoodledoo.

Saturday, 03 May, 2008  

She was so darling!

Monday, 05 May, 2008  

Hilarious!! "She had died and gone to heaven..." haha!

Thursday, 15 May, 2008  

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