Sea World - Part II

Once everyone slept and had breakfast, we were prepared for the day with lots of ziplock baggies and changes of underwear.

As we drove to Sea World, we should have taken the very overcast sky and misty fog as a sign, but nothing was going to hinder our excitement of experiencing Sea World with our kids. I just kept thinking that those clouds would burn off soon enough.

Once we entered the park, the first thing we did was look at and feed the dolphins. Andrew was really scared at first that they were sharks and he wouldn't go near the pool. We took a ton of pictures here, but I'm going to spare you. And I won't lie, it was so incredibly cool to feed these animals and hear them talk. Totally awesome.

You'll notice in that picture that I'm wearing Clark's fleece jacket that we fortunately brought along. About this time it started to rain. And I don't mean a light sprinkling. It was cold and wet. We happened to have a little jacket for Andrew in the car, but poor Corinne was not dressed well for this day. In fact, later in the afternoon I actually carried her zipped inside the jacket for awhile.

waiting for the sea lion show that eventually got canceled due to lightning. yes, lightning.

in the aquarium with all the sharks and eels and stingrays

waiting for the "Believe!" (Shamu) show -
Andrew didn't know what to expect and the music was loud
Most of the morning we spent crisscrossing the park trying to stay warm and dry. We were actually having a GREAT time, and the kids loved it. We didn't mind that the sea lion show was canceled because we ate lunch before everyone else wised up to the fact that the third "this show will be delayed for five minutes" message meant "this show will be canceled." In fact, I think the rain kept the park incredibly empty and it was so relaxed.
After lunch we headed over to the "Believe!" show. This used to be Shamu. It was by far the best part of the day! I won't lie - I teared up several times thinking about how awesome these animals are and how cool it is that they can learn and perform. It also helped that there was some majorly loud and cheesy music playing. Seriously, I loved this show! It made up for every bad and obnoxious part of the trip. And Corinne loved it, too!
**Warning! The music on this video is LOUD!

The last thing we went to do was the dolphin show. It actually got canceled due to lightning as well. We didn't care, though, because the whales were so awesome! You can tell from the picture below that we were soaked! Right as we got to the whales, the skies let loose and it poured the entire show and for about 45 minutes afterward. We took shelter for awhile under a tent with a sweet family from Arizona that had flown in on spring break.
And I just need to say right now that this is a sign of how much God has changed me over the course of medical school and especially residency - I've been able to except when things don't meet my expectations and even to look on the bright side. Poopy underwear. Pouring rain. Canceled shows. Nothing could have taken away my excitement and enjoyment of this day. It really was so much fun.

Up next: Sea World - Part III - Here Comes the Sun!


aww.. yay! I'm so glad you had so much fun!

Monday, 25 May, 2009  

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