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So, my friend Heather, you know the one who started a second (second!) blog, she tagged me to do this book meme. I'm not really sure what a "meme" is, but all the bloggers are doing it...

I'm supposed to grab whatever book is nearest me and find page 123, then locate the first 5 sentences, then type the next 3 sentences.

Well, the only book on our computer desk is "Saunders Manual of Critical Care" and page 123 is the end of a chapter and looks a little bit like this:

1. Spastic quadriparesis or quadriplegia
2. Pseudobulbar palsy, dysarthia, mutism
3. Pupillary or oculomotor abnormalities

There are four more like those, and I know what you're thinking - "Wow! Erin is such a good wife that she reads about Clark's job and keeps up with the medical knowledge."

Ha! I kid.

I grabbed the book on the top of my stack on my nightstand and its "The Botany of Desire: A Plant's-Eye View of the World" by Michael Pollan.

"All at once the bones in my legs began to go soft. I found I could no longer form a sentence without specifically addressing the muscles in my lips. The barn, you see, was nothing more than a shell of boards, and no police officer standing in it could fail to spot the two green giants through the opening in the rear wall."

This book is described by saying that "Michael Pollan ingeniously demonstrates in The Botany of Desire that people and domesticated plant species have formed a similarly reciprocal relationship (as that of the honeybee and the flower), a relationship that is just as common and essential to the way nature works."

The particular quote is from the second of four chapters and is about cannabis sativa x indica, otherwise known as marijauna. It's been a somewhat interesting book, but I'm glad I'm almost done with it.


that's hilarious! thanks for participating. =)
who are you going to tag? we need MORE BOOK MEMES!!!

Sunday, 06 April, 2008  

wow. that is amazing. it was good to see you sat. btw, do you have tim's email address? send it to me or point him to my blog. :)

Monday, 07 April, 2008  

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