Shout out

My good friend Heather has a second (second!) blog here. She's a speech therapist/pathologist (I never know which one is right) and has a great heart for helping kids learn language skills. She knows a ton!

I heart her b/c she has a passion for young kids like I do - although I don't keep up with the teaching world much since I left it to mommy!

Check it out!


you are too, too kind! thanks for letting people know about the blog. hopefully it will help some i just need to write some posts!!

Wednesday, 02 April, 2008  

that's so interesting. i'm taking a class discussing current issues in special ed. right now and about half of the class are speech path majors-the prof. as well is a speech pathologist and has been for many years. so i get a lot of interesting info from that front. taking that class makes me think of deron in many ways and how he is developing... if i have any more questions, i know who to ask!

Thursday, 03 April, 2008  

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