Christmas Celebrations

Our Christmas celebrations are spread out over three days, amongst our parents and siblings. We had a great holiday! Hope you did, too. Enjoy the pics!


You are right.. I love the tutus! Plus, I just know she won't let me put those on her for much longer.

I got the pink one at Old Navy back in the spring, I think. And the purple one, I got in October from Gymboree, along with the tiaras make you taller shirt. I like to shop sales, so I got the Gymboree stuff on sale. Let me know if you can find something. I will keep my eyes open for you also. :)

I can't believe how beautiful Corinne is! No, really, I can believe it, but she is gorgeous! And that HAIR.. I love it. Lauren needs the hair fairy to come and visit. Especially since she is no-bow girl now, and at times, yes, is mistaken for a boy. :)

Tuesday, 08 January, 2008  

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