Re-naming our pet

Some of you may remember that we used to have two dogs - Hoss, our chocolate lab that is still with us, and Bubba, his brother who was a black lab. We had to put Bubba down a few years ago this February, but we still miss him very much.

Clark has had Bubba and Hoss since he was a junior in high school, and they were and are, well...special dogs.

Towards the end of his life, we actually renamed Bubba and started calling him Bubba-no.

Well, Clark decided this week that we should rename Hoss:

this is from before we had kids...that was the life...

notice the dogs on the couch and a wooden coffee table with candy on it


we're rethinking silas' name as silasdoyouneedtositintimeout?

Monday, 28 January, 2008  

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