All Grown Up

Well, Andrew has turned into a teenager overnight. Three things to tell:

First, I have become "Mom" now instead of momma or mommy. Oh, he still uses those terms for me, but several times I day I hear: "Wait, Mom" or "Mom, where are you?" So sad... (quivering lip and moist eyes...)

Second, yesterday Andrew and I were having a jam session with Clark's djembe (Africa drum). We were both rocking it and he kept saying, "Feel the beat, momma. Feel the beat." The he started saying, "Rock and roll, mommy. Rock and roll." Then he started including Big Bunny and Brother Bear. After all, they are his backup singers. Down By The Bay, anyone?

Third, Clark has started singing the song about the bones being connected with him. The other night they were singing it and Andrew started connecting all the things in his room together. "The head bone to the symbol bone; the symbol bone to the snare bone; the snare bone to tom bone; the tom bone to the bass bone; the bass bone to the other drum bone; the other drum bone to the Big Bunny bone" Oh, he is destined for music...

On another note, Corinne and I had our first conversation Saturday morning. It went a little like this:

Corinne: "Goooo"
Mommy: "Goo goo"
Corinne: "Goo"

No kidding - it was just like that! I'm so in love with her...

We also have a new family pet! Andrew keeps asking to look at the fish when we go to the store, so today I bought one. Fishie was the least saddest looking beta fish of the three at Wal-Mart. Y'all, he was so happy when I put him in his new bowl and out of the container from the store. He just swam around a couple of times and kept swishing his tail. I was so glad we had bought him. I just wonder what Clark will say when he gets home tonight...


We got a beta too at Christmas. (It was actually Philip's Christmas present... her name is Josephine. He loves her. It's funny. Deron kinda likes her, but not as much as Philip. Maybe our fish can play together too, someday. Actually, they'd probably eat each other- nevermind. Congrats on venturing out into the world! You'll think it's a piece of cake when you have 3 more to handle. ;)

Monday, 30 April, 2007  

Andrew is precious! I can't wait for Brodie to call me mom or mommy. Oh, he calls me momma right now, but usually only when he wants something or is acting tired/fussy. How fun that Andrew likes music so much....maybe the next american idol?! -jill

Monday, 30 April, 2007  

At least all beta fish look the same so if fishy is ever floating on teh top, you can call Clark to bring home a new one and Andrew is none the wiser.

Friday, 04 May, 2007  

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