Doings a transpiring

Pictured below is Andrew wearing a jersey that, according to Clark's mom, belonged to him when he was about Andrew's age. His dad was coaching at Lamar Junior High (the most awesome junior high in Irving) and this was his way of showing school spirit. I guess he was all spirited out after this because he showed no school spirit when we were in high school... (by the way, the jersey is 25 years old)

Andrew and I have also started a garden. I should say, Andrew, Clark, and I have started a garden. Andrew loves playing in the dirt and using his shovel. It was so fun to be out there with him. He kept saying, "This is so fun. Great idea Mommy!" "Great idea" is his new comment for everything we do that he likes. Whenever he sees Clark change his clothes, he says, "Great idea, Daddy. Take a shower" - regardless of whether or not Clark is taking a shower. Or if I brush my teeth when he is "brushing" his teeth, he says, "Oh, great idea Mommy!" It's so cute!

Also, yesterday Andrew fell and scraped his knees pretty badly. It was the first time we needed to put Band-Aids on him.

Clark is finally done working night shifts in the ER - yea! I feel like life will return to normal now. This does not mean he will stop working nights, though. The difference will be that from now on, his nights will be on call. This means that he can try to get some sleep as opposed to working all night. He will, however, have to sleep at the hospital.

Sorry we hadn't posted anything in a week - but look for more exciting stories and interesting thoughts next week!

PS - let me encourage you to leave a comment for us - we love to know who is reading our blog!


hey! I LOVE those pictures!! Glad to see Andrew had his first little boy scrape and got blessed with BandAids! haha, Can't wait to see you guys in 3 months!

Sunday, 29 April, 2007  

Well, I finally got around to reading your blog and I love it! Perhaps someday I'll finally get around to starting my own, but for now, I just enjoy "spying" on everyone else who likes to share. I'm glad everything is going so well for your family, despite the pressures of med. school. Keep up the bloggin'!

Tuesday, 01 May, 2007  

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