Apparently, blogger or my computer hates me because every time today that I've tried to start a post and insert pictures, everything freezes up! You have no idea how much that infuriates me.

So, we had a ton of fun Friday night for Halloween. Wish I could show you some pictures, but maybe tomorrow...

Is anyone excited that Christmas is coming up??? I totally am! I see Thanksgiving as a really fun holiday for my family to get together and have fun, but really its just something to help me get past my impatience for Christmas to get here already! Really, I love any holiday that my family gets together because I love my family so much, but Christmas, oh my word. It's so fun!

I actually can't stand buying gifts too early because I inevitably end up giving them to their intended recipient way before Christmas. I just can't wait for them to have this wonderful thing I bought for them to enjoy. Similarly, Clark has learned not to even mention that he knows what he's getting me or that he's already bought it because the pestering, it will never cease.

However, this year, Clark has a very bad rotation the month of December. Very. Bad. Chances are he won't even be home for Christmas. So, I've determined that I absolutely have to get all our shopping done before November is over. Its gonna be crazy.

I started making the list today of things I want and things I want the kids to get. I find Clark to be a very difficult person to buy for. But this year, I know exactly what I want to buy him. And it's gonna be great!

So, I'm going to end this rambly post by apologizing for the lack of pictures and Halloween content and encouraging you to stay tuned for those and updates on the Christmas shopping.

Love ya!


i was singing christmas songs at the hospital today. one of the interns was making fun of me.

Monday, 03 November, 2008  

how great is it going to be?!? now i'm excited!!!

Tuesday, 04 November, 2008  

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