One of a kind

So, I think I've mentioned before that Andrew and Corinne are pretty different. I have two more examples of this today.

Andrew doesn't really like to get his hands or self dirty, but Corinne is the complete opposite. A few weeks ago we were at this park that has all sand under the playground. Clark and I were talking and keeping an eye on the kids.

We looked over at Corinne and she had laid down in the sand and was sweeping her arms in and out of it like she was swimming. It was really funny.

But, what was even funnier is that Andrew ran by, saw her, thought it looked like fun, started to lay down, then decided he wasn't into that so much.

Now, if you know Andrew at all, then you know that this boy doesn't like to poop. He never tells us when he needs to go, doesn't tell us when he has gone, and will deny that he's pooped even if he has. It is sort of the bane in this stay at home mom's existence.

This morning, I found Corinne in the bathroom and could tell immediately that she had a stinker. Before I could even open my mouth to say something, she looked at me and said, "boop."

I was nearly giddy with laughter and joy and delight that this girl is even aware of what she's doing.

It's the little things...


awww.. congratulations for the "boop"!! hehe

how cute. :)

Friday, 14 November, 2008  

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