Halloween Part III

The dancing ladybug and the shy, or slightly distracted, cowboy!

*NOTE: turn down the volume big time on the last clip. Corinne was digging the loud, live band at the Fall Fun Fest.


cute!! i love when you post videos of these adorable kiddos of yours. :)

Friday, 07 November, 2008  

I ditto what Katy is saying. Videos make me feel like I know a little part of them.
Sweet little ladybug and cowboy!

Friday, 07 November, 2008  

They are so very cute! I really am amazed at how big they are getting. You go girl with posting videos. Great way for us to experience the kids.

It was so good to read about your trip to Orlando. I know its so nice to get away just the 2 of you. Our trip is coming up soon. Like yall, its fruitful and nourishes the marriage relationship. :)

Saturday, 08 November, 2008  

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