Happy Hour

Call nights... they cause the night owl in me to come out. It's 12:48 am and I'm not sleeping. No, I'm not putting someone into an induced coma and regulating their heart beats and blood pressure during a surgery. That's what Clark is doing tonight.

I'm drinking a vodka tonic (thanks Carolyn) and thinking about shopping for Christmas presents online. After I look at Target's website for shoes. Can I wear peep toe shoes this winter?

I don't know what it is about Clark not being at home. I have a hard time falling asleep when he's not here. I usually have a glass of wine and read a little then drift off. But so far this month I just can't seem to do it. So, here I am in the absolute middle of the night sipping my tasty beverage and typing a totally random post.

Sorry readers...


I am the same way. If Sam is working late I seem to piddle and go to bed later than if he were home. I need to try the tasty adult beverage trick. I usually partake of that with Sam.

Saturday, 06 October, 2007  

Well, now I am really jealous that you did not come to stay the night with me. I could have shared that drink with you...but I think we might have been up too late giggling again (or rubbing my feet) ha ha...see ya at the birthday party!

Saturday, 06 October, 2007  

clark has been putting people into induced comas and regulating their heart rate and blood pressure? big brother is everywhere...


Saturday, 06 October, 2007  

Me too, Erin. I don't take naps when Joel is on call so I know I can fall asleep more easily that night.

Sunday, 07 October, 2007  

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